The Lugger at Portloe

It’s got thousands of reviews. And loads of likes. And thumbs up. And ticks and and and…...

So we went and stayed at a hotel that is a little famous in its sphere of famous. It’s a hotel with a small intimate spa on the south coast of Cornwall (the bottom bit that sticks out into the sea for Great Britain) and they do deals during the winter through Secret Escapes. The deals gives you bed, breakfast and evening meal and when you look at the reviews and the pictures, why wouldn’t you go there?

It’s set in an idyllic little fishing port that sports two traditional fishing boats that make up its fleet with pride. The place has outgrown its own little building so you could end up staying next door like we did, but that’s hardly a problem, the distance between buildings is small, and if it’s raining they even provide umbrellas.

Judging by our room and the photos of others, all rooms are well proportioned and oh so tastefully decorated. They provide all you would expect but then a little surprise. As a tea drinker (by the gallon!) the milk is provided fresh, in a jug, in a fridge in the room. Next to the two free bottles of water. And the “welcome plate” isn’t the boring commercial biscuits as many places provide, which never sees the touch of a human hand for your stay, these are hand made almost warm cookies replenished by benevolent Cornish piskies who want to make your stay a pleasure. But more of that in a moment.

We came because of the deal – bed, breakfast and evening meal for a charming price, made enticing by those reviews and prices. And we were not disappointed. I’ll let the photographs do the talking. The three course evening meal was a delight, freshly cooked from local ingredients and so so delicious, and the staff attentive to every need.

On our first night, there was a large party in, which they were dealing with, but that didn’t stop them making us feel like old friends, dropped by for a snack and a catch up, nothing was too much trouble. The food was sublime and the atmosphere a pleasure to be in.

 And with dinner done we retired to find the piskies had visited again.

The bed was turned down. And the kettle moved out of the cupboard to the room, accompanied by two tall latte glasses with hot chocolate mix and a proper marshmallow to make the treat perfect – not that squiggly affair we know and understand but a cylinder of delight - solid on the outside and oh so mushy and juicy within. You can only imagine the pleasure at finding this and realising that this is the level of customer satisfaction the hotel tries to seek out.

Until, that is, you walk toward the bed. And find they have placed a hot water bottle within. Of course the room is heated, the duvet thick and like lying under a cloud, the pillows so gentle as to embrace the neck. But who doesn’t like that moment of getting into bed, snuggling down, and finding it already warm within. The wonder of those benevolent piskies is magical and when you return after a hard day exploring it’s like the room is afresh waiting your arrival.

Breakfast is designed to set you up for a day of exploring this beautiful part of the world. An amazing selection of items to carefully consider are available – kippers, juices and meats, to full blown breakfasts both vegetarian and for those that enjoy breaking their fast with meat catered for. Add to this the morning view across the Atlantic Ocean and a better start to the day couldn’t be asked for.


The hotel is perfectly positioned to allow you to explore much of the west of Cornwall and then allow you to come back to a little idyll where you are the valued guest, the soon to leave friend, the long returning compatriot. And it really is worth the visit since they appear to have found that touch that says welcome, from the great food and service to the little touches like the hot chocolate. Well done The Lugger, we applaud you.

The Lugger Hotel is located in Portloe, a small fishing village west of St Austell. Even if you don’t have time for a stay it is the perfect spot for lunch and a walk onto the cliffs.

We stayed without any incentives and paid from our own hard earned wages.

The Lugger Inn at Portloe is a small hotel. With a spa and amazing restaurant it is a perfect retreat for an indulgent weekend.