Are the Top Places to Eat (or Visit) Lists Worth Consideration

Are the Top Places to Eat (or Visit) Lists Worth Consideration

I’m writing this on behalf of himself for reasons that will soon become evident.

When you travel somewhere new you will, of course, google (or search engine of your choice) the location. Amongst the many search terms will be “48 hours in xxx”, “top 10 things to see in xx”, “undiscovered xxx”, these will give you recommendations of places to go, to see, to EXPERIENCE! Apologies for the use of capitals but it does appear one of the key goals of travelling is to get that experience about where you are. And one of those experiences is the food.

Which is what finds me writing this blog post sat at the hospital bed of himself. The stupid belligerent opinionated idiot. Whilst googling Marrakech to see if there was anything specific to see during this visit, the changes and current state of the city he came across many “top 5 places”, “top 10 places”, “the real food of Marrakech”. Being an old Marrakech hand the conflicting information was confusing to him. There was even one site that boasted the top 10 places to eat despite the couple in question only having been there 2 days!

So, sadly, the gauntlet was thrown. He was okay for the 17 breakfasts, the tea and sweet meats were fine at the many locations he decided to sample them and the 14 lunches, full lunches mind, he breezed through. It was only during the afternoon snacks that his diabetic condition started to come into play but he, despite protests, was determined to power through in order to make the definitive culinary list of Marrakech. The first 9 dinners were fine but, in hindsight, the warning signs were there. During the 11th dinner (Moroccan salad, 6 mixed kababs, lamb chops, aubergine and bread) that the warning signs manifested.

So, in order to try and find those best places to eat, rather than just google what others have written, plagiarise and reword in order to try and make it appear you really know somewhere he actually went for it.

The doctors say he will be fine but I’m not sure his bullheadedness will never be cured.

The lesson – of course you google the place you’re going to but do those top x lists really represent reality?

On this recent trip we ate at a marvellous new place, the food was sublime. And you will one day read that review and see the photos of us eating it. So we are happy to recommend that place, more so we are happy to recommend you go with your instinct, you never know what you’ll find, rather than blindly follow the prepared plans for the “must do” places.

Of course we know with limited time in a place you want to see everything but sometimes more is less. Take your time, ask locals where they recommend you eat, see, explore. You never know, you might discover something that means you make your own top 5 list!

Must go, he’s drooling again, probably planning his next 11 meals!!

<update> Yeah, he wasn’t really in a diabetic coma from multiple meals but you get the point right.  And before you kick off, he is diabetic and therefore this is based on semi-reality!!


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