Him: “Hello Hello, testing testing”

Her: “What are you doing?”

Him: “I thought I would do the ‘about us’ page for the website using the Alexa talk to text thingy”

Her: “Why”

Him: “Well no one reads them do they, so I figured I might make some use of my time”

Her: “Someone might read it to see who we are and why we’re doing the website”

Him: “They won’t, they’ll be more interested in the places we’ve visited, to see your lovely photos and read my silly remarks. It’s obvious we like to travel, see what’s round the next corner, over the next small hill.  Do we really need to tell them that?”

Her: “What about your recipes? Your obvious obsession with food and drink is a running theme, they might want to know why. Even if we just tell them the story about hunting falafels that led to this blog, that’s pretty funny”

Him: “Nope, like I said, no one ever reads these things. They’re so formulaic. Mind you this speech to text thing is quite cool”

Her: “Wow, did it just record all that? Impressive”

Him: “Right, I’ll just delete this and we can do some usual diatribe about being footloose, loving life and exploring, blah blah blah, the predictable rubbish before uploading it to the website”

Alexa: Command received. Uploading to the website 

So now for ‘her’ sensible version! 

How can I beat that really. 

That ↑ above is what happens when you send an email saying “can you write our ‘about’ page” with no guidance or boundaries!!

Anyway, we are two frustrated middle age travellers who like to explore new places and eat amazing food.  Over the years we have visited much of the planet, mainly without each other (that is another story!), but now our time is here. 

This is our brain dump, our journal of adventures that maybe, just maybe you can extract some useful info that will help you plan a trip to some of our favourite places.

We like quirky and unusual and whilst we watch the pennies there may be some more indulgent restaurants and stays included just to tease and tempt.  We’ve worked damn hard during our lives and now is our time to enjoy and misbehave.

We are not full time travellers (just yet).  Work, mortgages and my kids still feature in life but the countdown is on to total freedom!

Hopefully you will enjoy our take on life, showing that when you hit 50, life is for living.

And by the way he is the old one at 51, I still have 4 years to go!!!

S and R

Her and Him